Anything that Dulles the Senses Shouldn’t Be Permitted

by ququ1337

Drugs of all sorts shouldn’t be permitted.

And on the other hand they should.

People should have a choice whether or not they want to buy them or not.

But in a perfect system A ) people wouldn’t choose these things to begin with, thus not giving them grounds to exist, and B ) money would be extinct, thus these things couldn’t be bought anymore anyway.

But if you follow my argument to its reasonable conclusion, then this is what it’ll come down to: We, as a whole, would choose not to have these things, because manufacturing them would be a waste of energy, Life, and time, because nobody would want them, because people would understand that dulling your senses is a vice that doesn’t make anyone truly happy.

People who’re in control of themselves, and appreciate their conscious Selves, are happy and don’t need things that will dull their senses and in turn make them unhappy.

Space-cakes and mushrooms I’d permit, because these grow freely in nature and don’t have to be changed. And things that don’t need to be changed, those, in my opinion are good. O.K., one needs to boil the marijuana within the butter in order to extract the THC from it, I guess that’s a process with which you alter the plant itself, but it’s not as bad as say xTc or speed or cocaine or any of these drugs that underwent an extremely chemical-processing process in order to be created.

Guns wouldn’t be allowed.

Weapons wouldn’t be allowed; but people should practice one hour of kung-fu each day.. a lot of things that don’t look like weapons can be used as weapons.. that’s different; but things created specifically with the purpose behind their creation being to kill others, those wouldn’t be allowed, but gardening tools would be O.K.

Things that are there to harm other human beings or other creatures, shouldn’t be allowed — they’re bad, they cause suffering.

Processed foods wouldn’t be permitted either anymore.

Anything that’s been tampered with too much is essentially bad for our organism.

The more natural, the better.

Natural things will be permitted, for they strengthen the organism.

Things that weaken it, will be outlawed.. but by general consensus.

In fact, by ALL of us. We choose, as a whole, that we don’t want nor need these things anymore.. and there’d be no more opposition lobbying against us.. those will either have been eradicated or won-over.

If we all received a truly good education, if there aren’t any more taboo subjects, if we can speak about things freely, like for example drugs and drug consumption, and weapons and the effects of them, etc., then we’re moving one step closer towards the truth, and the truth is always good, no matter how horrible it may sound.

Better a grim truth than a sugar-coated lie.

So where do I draw the line with what should and what shouldn’t be allowed to be sold on the ‘open market’?

Well, anything sold that profits one person but at the same time hurts its buyer – shouldn’t be allowed; in fact: I’d deem that criminal, or negligent behavior on part of the seller for having been either too malicious or ignorant (although it’s usually the former, the latter is used by them as a way to lessen their responsibility in the matter).

Lycurgus did the same when he created the Spartan System: He kicked out all the vendors that were creating goods “that didn’t contribute to a strengthening of society,” such as jewelry vendors, for example.

He kept the wine, and if we’re keeping the wine, the marijuana and the mushrooms, we gotta make sure they’re the absolute best. Eiswein!!!

The reason crappy goods are on the market is because people are stupid, and they don’t know what makes them truly happy, thus they choose the lesser good, in order to experience temporary happiness, but only things of a long-lasting effect are truly good; in other words: If everyone was smart, a lot of the things that are on the open market wouldn’t exist anymore, because people wouldn’t buy them anymore, because they’d understand that they’re only there to further another person’s gain/power, on their behalf.. and that’s not right, that’s not just, and that needs to be gotten rid of.

PS: I wouldn’t mind a society without any drugs; I’d be happy with living off juices: Orange-Banana-Strawberry, etc.